Top 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

It can be quite a seven wonders of the world trying to find a birthday gift ideas for boyfriend, as men can be very hard to shop for. However, we know a neat tip for you to get that perfect gift for him – which is, always get a gift that fits.

Finding a gift that fits simply means, knowing what he or she likes, personalize a gift according to that specific theme and be 100% sure that he will love it. We have compiled here a Top 5 Birthday Gift for Him, have fun reading and don’t forget to try it yourself!

1. Phone Case

customized smartphone case with wordsObviously you would want your other half to carry your gift everywhere he goes right? A custom phone case can be an excellent choice. Since he is your other half and you know what he likes, you can customize and personalize a phone case for him. Protection for his phone, done in style – a definite great gift!

2. iPad / Tablet Case

Is he the kind of guy who spends a lot of his time with his iPad or tablets? Then an iPad/Table case might be the gift that for him that you have been looking for. Again, you can personalize the case with what he likes and you can go wild with the design since the print area is bigger on an iPad / tablet.

3. Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bag (or man bag if you prefer) is suitable for a guy who carries a lot of things and gadgets when going out. If your man is that kind of person, a custom shoulder bag would definitely surprise him.

cool canvas shoulder bag mens

4. Mugs

A gift that can quench thirst and caffeine cravings, what more can he asked for isn’t it? If your man is always working at a desk, this would be the excellent gift for him. Don’t forget to personalize the mug, adding values and connection to you every time he uses the mug.

5. T-shirt

There are a whole lot of T-shirt designs out there that you can choose as a gift to give to him. Nonetheless, a personalize T-shirt is almost always the best choice as gift. Simply because you know what he loves and by personalizing a T-shirt according to what he loves, makes it a perfect ‘fitting’ gift!

t-shirt for men

Now, since we mentioned personalization in each of the gift ideas above, we have listed below some of the popular design concepts that you might be interested in. Find something that he likes in any of the popular theme below to start personalizing gift for him.

  • Love quotes (of course it is!)
  • Funny quotes
  • Art & Design
  • Hobbies
  • Music

Remember, a gift that has the most value is a gift that ‘fits’. Personalizing a gift is an excellent way to create a fitting gift for your man. It need not be expensive, you just need to put your heart into it and the value will most definitely be immeasurable.