Top 10 DIY Gift Ideas That Can Surprise Anyone

Squeezing your brain to find a perfect gift idea for your special someone? We have all been there! A gift must not necessarily be lavish and expensive, most importantly is that a gift must be meaningful.

It can be quite challenging to find a meaningful gift from off-the-shelf gift markets, as they are mass produced and not custom made specific to your needs. A custom made gifts on the other hand, can be a perfect gift because it is tailor made by you and only you knows what he/she likes.

We are suggesting here Top 10 design-it-yourself or DIY gift ideas that will definitely surprised everyone.

  1. photo frame adsMemorable Moments Photo Frames
    Why we put this to the top of the list is simple – memorable moments plays a big part in your relationship with him/her. Create a photo collage and custom order your photo prints on various media such as frame tiles, glass frames and many more.
  2. Favorite Quote Coaster
    If you know what his or her favorite quote is, then a custom coaster would be just perfect! You may also personalize it further with favorite patterns and colors or even cartoon characters!
  3. Custom T-shirt
    custom made t-shirtDesign a T-shirt yourself and it will definitely surprise him or her. It can be as simple as the person’s familiar words, favorite bands, arts or even favorite animals! Custom T-shirt is a great gift ideas as he or she will definitely wears it and be reminded what a wonderful person you are.
  4. Instagram Phone Case
    If the person has a great set of photos in his or her Instagram account, compile it together and create a unique custom phone casing for him / her. Add his or her siggies somewhere and it will definitely be a wow!
  5. Patterned Monogram Wallet / Purse
    A personalized purse such as this patterned monogram wallet can really surprise your special someone. Pick her favorite pattern as a background and top it off with her name or initials with a stylish font, couldn’t get any better! It is very unique and since the mugsperson will likely to carry her purse whenever she goes out, brings a higher value to it as a gift.
  6. Personalized Monogram Mug
    An old time favorite gift idea, and with a little touches personalization – perfect gift! A mug is something that people use almost every day, hence customized mug with his/her name or initials on it would be awesome!
  7. Funny Quotes Shoulder Bag
    If he or she likes to express him or herself to others, this can be a great choice. Customize a shoulder bag with funny quotes that the person like and add awesome background designs to it and it will be excellent.
  8. Artfully Designed Mousepad
    mouse_pad_damask_brown_smallDoesn’t seemed to be like the first thing you think of when finding a gift right? Well, a custom mouse pad is a great gift idea because it is one of the things that most people use on a daily basis. Customize the mousepad with arts, places and other beautiful images and impress that person.
  9. Photo Print Paper Weight
    Paper weight is something that not everybody has on their table, yet is needed almost all the time. Why not take the chance and customize a paper weight with the person’s favorite photos or favorite places, so that he or she can see it every day on his/her desk.
  10. Love Keychain
    keychainsSimplicity at its best. Express your feelings to your love ones on a keychain so that he or she can carry it wherever he or she goes.


There you go, our Top 10 handmade gift ideas for you to surprise your special someone. A gift would not be a gift if it doesn’t carry any values to it. Put values in it yourself and it will become the most memorable and meaningful gift ever. Try it!

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