Custom Phone Case – Protection with Style


There are 3 things that you don’t leave behind when you leave your house – your keys, your wallet and your phone. As phone is included as a must carry, it then comes naturally that you would want to protect your phone from your daily usage. So.. why not put some style and give your phone a one-of-a kind look with a customized phone case from Pabble!

Some if not most of us might have wonder, it is quite monotonous for everyone to be using the similar type of off –the-shelf phone covers or case. Well, Pabble have done the further thinking for you and thus giving you’re the opportunity to have your own custom phone case – with ease! Maybe it is time to get creative and express your style to the world. Step out and do it yourself.

By the way, here is a video tutorial on how to create your own custom phone case using our online product designer. For the one who prefer to watch, enjoy!

How it Works

tips 1It is actually quite easy to get it done with Pabble. You will only need to go through 3 simple steps –Choose Your Product, Design and Checkout. We have made it simple with our online customization tool, which is self explanatory and user friendly. For a more detailed guide on using our online customization tool, you can read our blog post on “How to Customize” here.

To create your own case, the first step is of course to choose the case that fit your phone model. Here at Pabble, we have a wide range of phone case model and they are all customizable!

Secondly, the design stage ( part). Our online customization tool provides you the direct opportunity to add your favorite designs, graphics, photos and text to give your phone a fresh, stylish and most importantly, personalize custom looks. The possibility is limitless, go ahead and go crazy when designing your case! After all, it is your own unique

Once you are done are satisfied with your design, you can save your design (if you are registered) or go straight to Add to Cart and Checkout. That’s it!

Our high quality printing method will ensure that your design will be printed vividly on your chosen case.

Popular Trend

customized smartphone case with wordsDoes it always mean that by following popular trend, you like them? Most often than not, it is a liking set by other people, and not necessarily your own personal liking. With a custom-made cellphone case, you will LOVE them because you personally designed them.

A personalized smartphone case in other words means putting your own style and likings to your phone. This may bring you great satisfaction and it is very personal because it is designed by you. Be the trend setter.

To kick-start your creative brain, we have compiled Top 3 personalized design ideas and easy for you to work on.

  1. Photo Collage – The simplest way to personalize is by means of using your treasured photos of yourself, your love ones, favorite places and many more. It might be simple, but it would be very meaningful and personal. We have put a detailed guide on how to easily create a wonderful photo collage which you can read in our blog post on “Photo Collage – Pictures Speak a Thousand” here.
  2. Favorite Designs – You might have thought before that, “Why oh Why they don’t have a Pink Polka Dot design here..”. Well, that is a problem that you will not have if you customize your own design. Find and upload any of your favorite designs to Pabble customization tool and it is done!
  3. Your Name – Yes, name! Super simple but very personal. Add a touch of colored background, some patterns, your cute favorite animals and anything you like – and you will get a one-of-a-kind custom made phone case that is guaranteed yours truly.


tips 1-2

We hope it has been an inspiring read and Click Here to start customizing your own phone case!