Mencari Corak-Corak Kegemaran Anda


Anda banyak tak imej corak-corak atau “pattern” yang anda sangat suka, tapi anda tak tau di mana atau macam mana nak cari? Kami nak share di sini, cara-cara macam mana nak dapatkan imej pattern yang cantik, colorful dan juga unik di Internet.

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Best Gift Ideas You’re Ever Going to Get for Her


Why? Because personalizing a gift adds a nice touch and the possibility can be limitless. Personalized gift will send a message that you took the time and effort in finding and presenting her a thoughtful gift.

Most of the times, finding a gift for women can be quite tricky especially a birthday gift. There are thousands of options offline and online and you may well spend hours searching without finding a good match. Again, this is where personalized gift proves to be your savior. Grab a coffee and have a look at our Top Personalized Gift for Her from our very own shelf.

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Top 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

It can be quite a seven wonders of the world trying to find a birthday gift ideas for boyfriend, as men can be very hard to shop for. However, we know a neat tip for you to get that perfect gift for him – which is, always get a gift that fits.

Finding a gift that fits simply means, knowing what he or she likes, personalize a gift according to that specific theme and be 100% sure that he will love it. We have compiled here a Top 5 Birthday Gift for Him, have fun reading and don’t forget to try it yourself!

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Top 10 DIY Gift Ideas That Can Surprise Anyone

Squeezing your brain to find a perfect gift idea for your special someone? We have all been there! A gift must not necessarily be lavish and expensive, most importantly is that a gift must be meaningful.

It can be quite challenging to find a meaningful gift from off-the-shelf gift markets, as they are mass produced and not custom made specific to your needs. A custom made gifts on the other hand, can be a perfect gift because it is tailor made by you and only you knows what he/she likes.

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Custom Phone Case – Protection with Style


There are 3 things that you don’t leave behind when you leave your house – your keys, your wallet and your phone. As phone is included as a must carry, it then comes naturally that you would want to protect your phone from your daily usage. So.. why not put some style and give your phone a one-of-a kind look with a customized phone case from Pabble!

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